Live captioning for all your events


The best quality live captioning service

Fast live captioning – up to 300 words per minute

Lightning fast accurate live captions appear on a laptop or other device in 1 second

The best steno captioners, NCRA and NRCPD accredited

Smooth streaming – as you speak, text appears one word at a time

Stream text on top of Powerpoint slides or YouTube video – only 1 screen is needed!

Adjust your text streaming experience – highlight text in colour, bold, underline, strikethrough

Speed control – adjust your text streaming display on the fly

Notes box on the same screen – ideal for students

Transcripts available immediately

We are international with UK and US servers.

We caption in over 16 languages.

  • ‘One of my colleagues sat next to me on Wednesday and was stunned at the speed and accuracy of what he saw.’ – Ministry of Writing

    ‘The quality of the captions was absolutely excellent, I’m amazed!’ – Association of Train Operating Companies

  • ‘It is one of the best services I have encountered, not only for people with a hearing disability but for anyone who needs a transcription of a class, lecture, conference or even a board meeting.’ – Jody, University of Stellenbosch

  • ‘Great work. Exactly what I asked for. Well done.’ – The Daily Mirror

    ‘Terrific! Thank you so much!’ – TV4 Sweden

  • ‘First notetaker experience went a dream! Instead of concentrating so hard just to hear, I actually forgot the note taker was there! It did wonders for my confidence and enabled me to focus 100% on the subject being discussed.’ – Technolibre

  • ‘The captioning was exceptional and excellent. Almost as if the person was in the very same room’ – Deafway, Isle of Man

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